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The 3rd Summit for Democracy

18 March 2024 - 20 March 2024
18-20 March 2024
Republic of Korea
The third Summit for Democracy takes place on 18-20 March 2024 in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, under the theme 'Democracy for Future Generations'. © The 3rd Summit for Democracy Preparatory Office 페이지북 인스타그램

The third Summit for Democracy will take place from 18 to 20 March 2024 in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. The three-day Summit will feature a range of activities under the theme ‘Democracy for Future Generations’. 

Day 1 of the Summit will consist of a ministerial conference with participating countries and expert roundtable discussions on "Technology and Democracy". 

Day 2 will feature diverse sessions and exhibition booths by Summit for Democracy cohorts, civil society, and youth organizations showcasing their work in shaping the future of democracy. 

On Day 3, the virtual Summit plenary with participating countries' heads of state and government and interventions from civil society will be held. 

Registrations for the Summit activities are open until 15 March 2024.


International IDEA's engagement in the third Summit for Democracy

International IDEA, in collaboration with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Open Government Partnership, and the Community of Democracies, is an integral part of the Platform for Engagement with Civil Society (PEC). Together, the PEC organizations are supporting the government of the Republic of Korea to organize the second day of the Summit, the Cohorts, Civil Society and Youth Engagement Day.

As co-coordinator of the Global Democracy Coalition, International IDEA further organizes the Partners for Democracy Day 2024  on 19 March 2024 that provides a global platform for civil society and other democracy actors.

International IDEA will be contributing to activities throughout the three-day Summit. As part of Day 2 of the Summit, International IDEA is organizing multiple sessions on topics such gender equality in democracy for future generations and democratic practices with citizens in wartime. On Day 3, International IDEA and its Chair Luxembourg will host a roundtable with Summit for Democracy (S4D) cohort co-leads to discuss their past and future engagement in the Summit. Furthermore, International IDEA's Secretary General Kevin Casas-Zamora will address the participating countries' heads of state and government in a virtual intervention during the Summit plenary.

Learn more about this event and how International IDEA is Supporting the Summit for Democracy.


Kevin Casas-Zamora
Kevin Casas-Zamora
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Annika Silva-Leander
Annika Silva-Leander
Head of North America and Permanent Observer of International IDEA to the United Nations
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Picture of Leena
Leena Rikkilä Tamang
Director for Asia and the Pacific
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Rumbidzai Kandawasvika-Nhundu
Principal Adviser, Democracy and Inclusion
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Julia Keutgen
Programme Manager, Supporting Team Europe Democracy
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Elisenda Ballesté Buxó
Project Coordinator - Global Democracy Coalition, North America Programme
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Iuliia Shypilova
Programme Officer
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