International IDEA implemented the State of Democracy assessment in Peru as a pilot study in 2002. The people of Peru had long experience of political crises and the machinations of politicians and generals during the 20th century. After four military dictatorships in recent history, in the late 1990s Peru started a process to divest itself of a manipulative and authoritarian civil government and return to democratic governance. People from Peru were sure that it was only a matter of time before the country entered a period of prosperity, with functioning democratic institutions and respect for human rights. To better identify the country’s strength and weaknesses in this area, a group of academics conducted an assessment using the International IDEA State of Democracy Framework.

The results of the study were included in the State of Democracy report that combines assessments developed in eight different countries, which shows the high adaptability of the State of Democracy Framework and its relevance in different country contexts.






Democracy Report for Peru

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