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Former staff member

Brechtje Kemp

Former Senior Programme Officer

Brechtje Kemp was a Senior Programme Officer for Political Participation and Representation with International IDEA. She led the Institute’s citizen engagement portfolio, which concentrates on the changing interface between people and politics and new types of citizen initiatives and innovations.

Kemp has 15 years of experience in human rights and democratic governance programming, facilitating interparty dialogue and supporting citizen centred democracy assessments around the world. She worked in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe on rule of law and democratic governance and held positions with the United Nations Development Programme, the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy and the Netherlands Ministry of Defense.

Kemp is the lead author of “Political Party Dialogue Facilitator’s Guide” (International IDEA, 2013) and “State of Local Democracy Assessment Framework” (International IDEA, 2014) and contributed to International IDEA’s “Global State of Democracy: Exploring Democracy’s Resilience" (International IDEA, 2017).

She joined International IDEA's Global Programme in 2012. 

State of democracy assessments and political dialogue; and citizen engagement in public decision making
Master of Laws LL.M (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)
Dutch, English
Stockholm, Sweden
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