Antonio Spinelli

Head of Programme
Electoral assistance and management, strategic planning


Antonio Spinelli is the Head of International IDEA’s Programme.

Spinelli manages International IDEA’s programmes in South Asia. In South Asia, at a country level, his work focuses on supporting electoral processes, local governance and implementation of the constitution, with a special emphasis on transition to federalism, decentralization of power and citizen engagement. In South Asia, Spinelli’s work focuses on electoral processes, political finance, women’s political participation and constitution building processes and on expanding International IDEA’s work at regional and country level.

Spinelli’s previous work includes extensive field experience. Since 1992, he has engaged in the management of electoral assistance projects, mostly in transitional political and democratic settings, conflict and post-conflict environments and peacekeeping operations, for numerous organizations, among others, the United Nations, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and the European Commission.

From 2003 to 2007, working as a Senior Programme Officer for the Electoral Processes Programme at International IDEA’s headquarters, Spinelli was part of a dynamic team that conceptualized innovative and ground breaking electoral policies, such as the “Electoral Cycle” and “Effective Electoral Assistance”, supporting sustainable electoral assistance and effective electoral management. Additionally, Spinelli led the transformation of the ACE Project from a static online repository of electoral knowledge to the multidimensional and interactive global knowledge network that ACE is today.

Spinelli authored the IFES Publication “Strategic Planning for Effective Electoral Management” and the resulting “Strategic Planning for Electoral Management” Module of the BRIDGE Curriculum, assisting numerous electoral management bodies worldwide in their strategic and operational planning efforts.

MA in Electoral Policy and Administration (ongoing) at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Institute of Law, Politics and Development in Pisa, Italy; BA in Political Science and International Relations at Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome, Italy
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