The work presented in this book is interdisciplinary—legal, political and sociological—and was written based on a national opinion poll unprecedented in Argentina.

Its immediate objective is to ponder one of the most serious problems in the country—infringement of the laws and the Constitution—and to invite in-depth reflection and discussion to seek full enforcement of the constitutional and democratic rule of law.

Despite important differences, Argentina presents a problematic situation similar to the one observed in Mexico regarding the conflictive relations between law and society. This book focuses on analysing Argentine society’s attitudes, perceptions and values with regard to fundamental law and legality.


Publication date
10 January 2006
Antonio María Hernánde, Daniel Zovatto, Manuel Mora
Number of pages
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Asociación Argentina de Derecho Contitucional




Part 1

Preliminary considerations

Theoretical and methodological considerations

Profile of the population polled

Part 2

1. Perceptions about the model of society, rights and values

2. Perceptions of democracy, values, regulations, representation and power

3. Extent of knowledge about the institutions

4. Perceptions of the law and the Constitution

Part 3

Conclusions and proposals


Appendix 1. Statistics

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Survey of Constitutional Culture in Argentina: An Anomic Society

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