In 2024, nearly 3 billion people will have the opportunity to cast ballots in democratic elections all around the world. Safeguarding the integrity of these elections will require, in part, the availability of reliable election-related information, confidence in credible journalism and access to a diversity of viewpoints.

Bad actors abuse artificial intelligence (AI), notably large language models and generative AI, to distort facts, develop deepfakes, create noise and microtarget audiences with hyper-segmented messages. To combat these abuses, platforms and states must implement policy and regulatory safeguards to ensure the integrity of the information space; independent electoral management bodies (EMBs) should play a role in ensuring access to reliable election-related content.

This Policy Brief provides the top 10 recommendations for platforms and states outline the most important measures that should be taken.


Publication date
30 January 2024
Number of pages
Forum on Information & Democracy; Democracy Reporting International
978-91-7671-730-1 (PDF)


Top 10 Recommendations for Platforms during Elections

10 Key Recommendations for States




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Protecting Democratic Elections through Safeguarding Information Integrity

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