In the current interim period in Myanmar, with an illegitimate military regime in power and efforts by the interim governance institutions under way to build and enable a transition to a genuine democracy, the formation of an interim electoral management body—like a government and a legislature—is urgent and necessary as a key institution to support and prepare for the restoration of democracy. There are no standard models for establishing electoral management bodies in transition periods and during conflict. However, it is important that key stakeholders in Myanmar agree on a road map for future constitutional and electoral reform informed by the lessons learned from the 2015 and 2020 general elections.


Publication date
01 July 2022
Nathalie Ebead
Number of pages
978-91-7671-555-0 (PDF)


Key recommendations

Executive summary

1. Background

2. The case for an interim EMB for Myanmar

3. Conclusion

Annex A. Some comparative examples
Formation of interim EMBs
Formation of independent EMBs
Participatory electoral system change


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Interim Electoral Management and Electoral System Design in Myanmar

International IDEA Policy Paper No. 25, June 2022
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