Consolidation of Democratic Dispensation in The Gambia

IDEA AWA CBP and RD's Office are in The Gambia to support discussions on the New Draft Constitution.

“Consolidation of democratic dispensation in The Gambia (CODE)” is an EU-funded project intended to contribute to the consolidation of a democratic transition in The Gambia, specifically on legitimacy of the transitional Justice Process.

The project targets members of parliament and parliamentary staff, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and Gambia Press Union (GPU), informed by international knowledge and experiences on democratic transitions. It would achieve three outcomes: 

  1. The National Assembly exercises its legislative, oversight, representative functions and institutional systems to become more effective, transparent, inclusive, and accountable to all citizens in the consolidation of transition to a democratic dispensation.
  2. The National Human Rights Commission recognizes, and responds to, complexities and risks in democratic consolidation, and implements human rights-based approaches in an inclusive manner that respects fundamental democratic principles and human rights including in the adoption of a new constitution under the agreed frameworks.
  3. The Gambia Press Union utilizes its enhanced capacity to implement its mandate, assist and support media to report on constitutional, electoral and institutional reform processes in a socially responsible manner that best serves public interest, as well as to provide impartial, informed, accurate, and conflict sensitive coverage of these processes.


Key contacts

Roba Sharamo
Director for Africa and West Asia
Maurice Mboula Jean-Claude Didier Enguelegue
Senior Programme Officer, Africa and West Asia
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