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International IDEA, partners hold inaugural steering committee meeting for the CODE Project

February 16, 2024 • By Musa Saho
The Steering Committee met for the Consolidation to Democratic Dispensation (CODE) Project on 14 February 2024 in The Gambia.

The International IDEA and its partners on 14 February 2024 organised the inaugural Steering Committee meeting for the Consolidation to Democratic Dispensation (CODE) Project funded by the European Union at the Bakadaji Hotel.

The Steering Committee will be the policy decision-making body for the CODE Project, assessing the overall implementation providing technical oversight, and approving annual work plans and risk analysis/mitigation measures.

The inaugural meeting brought together all the boundary partners of the CODE project, the National Assembly; the National Human Rights Commission; The Gambia Press Union; and the CSO-Gender Platform.

The committee discussed, reviewed, and adopted the steering committee's terms of reference and the annual work plans of each boundary partner. Further discussions on mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation, and ways of feedback to ensure effective implementation of project activities were also deliberated on. 

The meeting underscores the importance of collaboration and coherence among boundary partners as well as other stakeholders to oversee and guide the implementation of the CODE project, with a focus on promoting democratic values, inclusivity, and human rights in The Gambia.

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Musa Saho
Communications Officer, The Gambia
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