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The Gambia: International IDEA delivers project management training for NHRC staff

December 18, 2023 • By Musa Saho
International IDEA wrapped up a two-day capacity-building session on project management for 25 National Human Rights Commissioners (NHRC) and staff from 22-23 November 2023 at the NHRC Conference Room.

The training was funded by the European Union and aimed to enhance their capacities and skills in delivering projects with precision, ensuring objectives are met on time.

Jainaba Faye, Head of International IDEA's country office in The Gambia, highlighted the importance of capacity-building training for National Human Rights Commissioners (NHRC), given their broad mandate of protecting fundamental human rights and freedoms. She expressed deep appreciation to the NHRC leadership for their partnership and support in implementing the CODE project. 

Muhammed Bah, one of the participants from the NHRC, stated that he gained valuable insights into project planning and execution, understanding the causes of project failures and strategies to prevent them. He said he also learned about project design, implementation, and sustainability. 

Highlighting the impact of the training, Bah said, "This training will undoubtedly enhance my ability to design and implement successful, sustainable projects for NHRC while also helping me to be aware of factors that may undermine them."

Jainaba Johm, the Vice Chairperson of the NHRC, conveyed gratitude to International IDEA and the European Union, acknowledging them as invaluable partners who offered this essential training in project management. She stressed that the training significantly boosted their skills and capacities for executing successful projects within the commission mandate.

Emphasizing the training approach, Johm noted that it is participatory and interactive and further expressed gratitude to the resource person for the effective and efficient delivery of the subject. 

The training covered:
•    Project implementation and monitoring.
•    Exploring the best approaches to formulating plans.
•    Organizing resources.
•    Managing project communication.
•    Securing satisfactory project outcomes.

The session was also of comprised group exercises, subsequent presentations, and question-and-answer sections to assess participants' understanding of project management principles.


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Musa Saho
Communications Officer, The Gambia
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