Inclusive Political Participation and Representation: The Role of Regional Organizations

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14 February 2014
978-91-87729-06-5 (Print)
Raul Cordenillo, Karin Gardes (co-editors)

Participation and representation are two fundamental elements and principles of democracy. They affirm that a democracy is dependent on its citizens and that this ownership is expressed through meaningful participation by and representation of all citizens in democratic institutions and processes.

Underpinning all this is the idea that every citizen, regardless of class, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, group, culture and ethnic or religious background, should have an equal right and opportunity to engage with and contribute to the functioning of these institutions and processes.

This publication documents and highlights the experiences and innovation of regional organizations in promoting inclusive political participation and representation. Focused on civil society engagement, gender mainstreaming and regional parliaments, this publication should not only provide food for thought for policy makers and practitioners, but also facilitate understanding of the contexts in which regional organizations operate.




Raul Cordenillo and Karin Gardes

1. Together We Can Achieve More: The Role of Civil Society Organizations in the Organization of American States
Jorge Sanin and Eric Ambrose

2. The Pacific Islands Forum and its Engagement with Civil Society Organizations
Henry Ivarature

3. The Role of Epistemic Communities in Building an Inclusive ASEAN Political and Security Community: The Case of ASEAN-ISIS
Mely Caballero-Anthony

4. SAARC: A Step Forward, Women’s Inclusive Political Participation
Indu Tuladhar

5. The League of Arab States and Gender: Political Participation and the Arab Woman
Doaa Abdelaal and Eleonora Mura

6. From Marginalization to Mainstreaming: A Guide to Gendering the European Union in 40 Easy Steps
Joyce Marie Mushaben

7. The Role of the Pan-African Parliament in Promoting Inclusive Political Participation and Representation in Africa
Frank Kayitare

8. Political Participation, Representation and the Subsidiarity Principle: The Case of National and Sub-national Regional Parliaments in the European Union after Lisbon
Pierre Schmitt, Tom Ruys and Axel Marx

Raul Cordenillo and Karin Gardes


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