Regional organizations are among the key actors in present-day international relations. They foster dialogue among states and serve as a platform for the discussion of various transnational economic, political and social issues. They also play an increasingly important role in elections.

This report is a collection of background papers prepared for the Inter-Regional Workshop on Regional Organizations and the Integrity of Elections, which took place in Stockholm in December 2011. The papers, presented here as chapters, focus on the regional organizations that participate in the Inter-Regional Dialogue on Democracy.

The first of its kind, the report examines the mandates of and initiatives on electoral processes of six regional organizations: the African Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the European Union, the League of Arab States, the Organization of American States and the Pacific Islands Forum. It covers areas such as election observation, electoral technical assistance and gender mainstreaming.

The authors capture the experiences of each organization, including the regional context, achievements, limitations, challenges and prospects, and put forward recommendations for policymakers and practitioners. 


Publication date
01 December 2012
Raul Cordenillo, Andrew Ellis (co-editors)
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978-91-86565-63-3 (Print)




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Raul Cordenillo and Andrew Ellis

1. Reflections on African Union Electoral Assistance and Observation
Shumbana Karume and Eleonora Mura

2. Giving ASEAN a Role in Philippine Elections: The Case for Regional Participation in Deepening Democratization Processes
Julio S. Amador III

3. The Evolution of Election Observation in the European Union: From Fraud Prevention to Democracy Support
Domenico Tuccinardi, Franck Balme and Gillian McCormack

4. The League of Arab States and the Electoral Gap
Amor Boubakri

5. The Responsibility to Expose: The Role of OAS Electoral Observation Missions in the Promotion of the Political Rights of Women
Betilde Muñoz-Pogossian

6. Quality Management Systems and their Contribution to the Integrity of Elections
María T. Mellenkamp and Pablo Gutiérrez

7. Election Observation by the Pacific Islands Forum: Experiences and Challenges
Henry Ivarature

Raul Cordenillo and Andrew Ellis

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The Integrity of Elections: The Role of Regional Organizations

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