The Democracy Tracker is a data project that provides event-centric information on democracy developments in 173 countries, with a data series beginning in August 2022. The monthly event reports include (a) a narrative summary of the event; (b) indications of the specific aspects of democracy that have been impacted; (c) the magnitude of the impact on a five-point scale ranging from exceptionally positive to exceptionally negative; (d) links to original sources; and (e) keywords to enable further research.

This Guide explains the methodology behind the Democracy Tracker and provides recommendations on how it can be used.


Publication date
06 March 2024
Number of pages
978-91-7671-750-9 (PDF)

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1. Introduction to the Democracy Tracker

2. Units and concepts

3. Types of reports

4. Methodology

5. User guide

Annex A. Country list

Annex B. Basic information sources

Annex C. Human rights treaty sources

Annex D. Conflict and Mediation Event Observations (CAMEO) codes

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Democracy Tracker Methodology and User Guide

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