Achieving Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions at the Regional Level

The Partnership Between Regional Intergovernmental Organizations and Civil Society
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31 October 2021
978-91-7671-488-1 (PDF)
Community of Democracies, Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict

The root causes of conflict and violence, such as injustice, inequalities and decline in the quality of democracies, rarely emerge and remain within the national borders of a single country: they increasingly spill over into surrounding regions, compelling a regional response. Regional action on peace, justice and inclusion should cut across social, economic and political agendas and be sustained through partnerships with those most impacted by conflict and inequalities, including local communities, grassroots organizations, and Indigenous groups.

Aimed at key decision-makers and key stakeholders, including government agencies, regional organizations and civil society organizations, the purpose of the Policy Brief is to contribute to the ongoing conversation around the achievement of peace, justice, and strong institutions worldwide. The aspiration is that the recommendations and information included in this analysis will complement ongoing efforts, motivate collective action, inspire decision-making and promote multisectoral engagement to achieve common goals based on successful experiences and best practices such as those outlined in this brief.




Partnership between regional organizations and civil society during the Covid-19 pandemic

Key recommendations