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RoLAC is working with subnational government in Nigeria to ensure inclusivity

February 29, 2024 • By Murkthar Suleiman
The Minister of the Women's Affairs Barr Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye , the National Programme Coordinator RoLAC Danladi Plang, and OlaOluwa Olawumi Programme Manager, Delegation of the European Union to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and ECOWAS in a cross section of State Commissioners of Women's Affairs in Nigeria.
The Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC) Phase II Programme, being implemented by The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), and the European Union in Nigeria and convened a Conference of all Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries of Women Affairs across Nigeria on February 28th – 29th, 2024, in Abuja.

The aim of the Conference was to support state ministries of Women's Affairs to identify opportunities to implement initiatives that will enhance the rights, social welfare and justice of women, children and persons with disabilities in their respective states. 

RoLAC’s conference theme, "Critical Issues and Opportunities for Enhancing Rights, Protection and Justice for Women, Children, and Persons with Disabilities," was also in keeping with the theme for International Women’s Day 2024, "Inspire Inclusion.”

Over the 2-day period, RoLAC facilitated meaningful conversation and experience sharing among the Commissioners around inclusive planning, budgeting, and resource mobilisation, as well as the role of state ministries of women's affairs as catalysts for social change and as coordinators of policies and programs that will ensure full representation and participation of women, children and persons with disabilities in all aspects of social, economic and political life. The Commissioners present acknowledged the existence of legal instruments for the rights and protection of vulnerable groups in Nigeria but expressed the challenges they faced in translating policy to actual benefit for the vulnerable women. 

The Conference ended with a comprehensive call to action by all Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries to play their role in influencing their state governments to accelerate implementation. The call emphasised the importance of providing commensurate funding in national and state budgets to support the protection and welfare of women, children, persons with disabilities and survivors of SGBV. The Commissioners committed to mobilising expertise and resources, to influencing state-level dialogue on critical issues, to building solidarity amongst women, and to undertaking advocacy missions within their respective states.

The Conference is the first of among a series of planned interventions by RoLAC to strengthen the capacity of state ministries of women's affairs to own and fulfil their mandate as effective agents of advocacy, policy change and actions that will enhance rights, protection and the welfare women, children, persons with disabilities and survivors of Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV).


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