Former International IDEA Staff

Shana Kaiser

Former Programme Manager
Electoral Processes, Participatory Democracy, Youth Participation and Programme Management


Shana Kaiser worked in Myanmar as the Programme Manager for STEP Democracy, funded by the European Union. She was previously responsible for programming in Tunisia and across the West Asia and North Africa (WANA) region with a special focus on electoral processes, youth engagement, political participation and representation and overall programme management.

Throughout 2015 and prior to the merge of WANA programme with the Africa programme, Kaiser was the Acting Regional Director for WANA. In addition, she has also held various roles within the Global Programme Electoral Processes Unit concentrating on direct and participatory democracy, electoral justice and the role of media and social media in elections. Kaiser has been a member of several international observation missions including in Cote d’Ivoire, Ukraine and Kenya.

Kaiser has lived and worked in Myanmar, Tunisia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Canada.

MA in Environmental Studies and a Diploma in Refugee Studies (York University, Canada). BA in World Religions and History (University of British Columbia, Canada).