Throughout the world, the number of women elected to office remains significantly lower than the number of men. Different factors contribute to the existence of gender inequality in politics. An increased understanding of the issues surrounding political finance has demonstrated a link between political finance and women’s participation in politics. Lack of access to financial resources is regularly identified as a key barrier to the participation of women in politics.

This Fact Sheet provides an overview of women’s access to political finance in Kenya, Tunisia and Colombia. It summarizes the key issues and obstacles regarding women’s access to political finance, and presents a series of measures to address the gender gap. It is part of a broader effort by International IDEA and NIMD to understand the impact of political finance on women. It has been produced under the Respect for Women’s Political Rights  Programme developed by International IDEA, NIMD and other partners.


Publication date
17 March 2017
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Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy

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Women’s access to political finance: insights from Colombia, Kenya and Tunisia

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