Participants from across the globe participated in discussions and shared experiences during a two-day conference on the topic of Money in Politics and its Effects on People’s Representation.

After detailed in-depth discussions on different aspects of the problems, the conference unanimously endorsed the New Delhi Declaration on Political Finance Regulation.

The Declaration focuses on several areas, such as the capping of funding, a holistic approach to regulations, closing the monitoring gaps and keeping in mind the interests of all the stakeholders in the process. It also underscores the need to create uniformity for all political parties and candidates by creating an improved architecture for monitoring of expenditures and contributions.

The overarching principles and guidelines which form a part of the declaration serve as a framework for all stakeholders—EMBs, political parties, media, academia, civil society organizations and NGOs to ensure compliance and adherence to the guidelines and provide an improved electoral system for voters to choose their governments without fear or favour.


Publication date
01 December 2016
Dr Bhagbanprakash, Dr Noor Mohammad, Mr Vivek Khare, Dr N C Swain, Saket Ambarkhane
Number of pages
India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management, Election Commission of India


Foreword by Mr. Yves Leterme, Secretary General, International IDEA

Preface by Dr. Nasim Zaidi, Chief Election Commissioner, India

Message by Mr. A. K. Joti, Election Commissioner of India

Message by Mr. O. P. Rawat, Election Commissioner of India

Acknowledgement by Mr. Sudeep Jain, Director General, IIIDEM

Executive Summary



Participants and Process

Goal and Objectives

Inaugural Session

Session 1: How to reduce the cost of electoral politics?

Session 2: How to improve transparency of party/candidate funding for election expenditure?

Special Session: Regional Efforts to Counter Adverse Effects of Money in Politics

Session 3: The influence of the wealthy few and its effects in representing the people

Group Discussions on the Draft Declaration

Plenary Session

New Delhi – Declaration on Political Finance Regulation in South Asia

Post Conference Activities

Voices from the Conference

Press Coverage



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South Asia Regional Conference on the use of Money in Politics and its Effects on People’s Representation

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