This Report discusses the constitutional options that decision makers in Sudan can use as guidance in forming a government in conditions similar to what Sudan is going through. The Report discusses and analyses the essential forms of interim governments that can be applied in such situations of political and armed conflicts. It supports such options with the international practices of those models for interim governments.

The Report concludes that it is not easy to form an interim government without political consensus and a ceasefire in times of war. An interim government can only succeed in providing services and facilitating the provision of humanitarian assistance if the warring forces adhere to the agreement concluded between them. Establishing any interim government during internal armed conflict requires strong and skilled civil society, trade unions, and experienced leaders to manage crises and lead society in such critical circumstances.

The Report targets constitutional scholars, politicians, civil society and warring parties in Sudan to provide constitutional options for forming an interim government during wartime in Sudan after 15 April 2023.


Publication date
30 January 2024
Sami Saeed
Number of pages
978-91-7671-731-8 (PDF)



Executive summary

1. Objectives and scope

2. Introduction and context

3. Legal and political framework for a transitional government

4. Options for forming the transitional government

5. Results and recommendations


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Options to Form a Transitional Government in Wartime in Sudan

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