A NEW CONSTITUTION FOR MYANMAR: Towards Consensus on an Inclusive Federal Democracy provides a study of the constitutional history and trajectory of Myanmar, together with an analysis of the positions of certain key stakeholders in Myanmar with regard to constitutional issues. Areas of constitutional convergence (where the key democratic stakeholders are broadly agreed) and divergence (where they differ) are identified, as are those areas of constitution-building on which the key stakeholders are relatively silent, and that require further attention. This publication thereby provides democratically legitimate political actors in Myanmar, as well as the international community in support of Myanmar’s federal democracy, with a finer understanding of the available range of viable and acceptable constitutional choices.


Publication date
24 May 2022
W. Elliot Bulmer
Number of pages
978-91-7671-526-0 (PDF)



Executive summary


1 Context analysis

2. Historical analysis

3. Participant analysis

4. Preference analysis

5. Conclusions


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A New Constitution for Myanmar

Towards Consensus on an Inclusive Federal Democracy
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