This Primer discusses digital microtargeting by political parties and concentrates on examples of political parties around the world that have used legitimate microtargeting practices in their campaigns. Electoral contexts differ by jurisdiction, and the Primer attempts to show examples that suit different contexts but with a focus on European cases.

International IDEA’s Political Party Innovation Primers are designed to explain emerging trends and practices being adopted by political parties worldwide to reconnect with citizens. Each Primer provides guidance to citizens in general, and to members and sympathizers of existing or new parties in particular, on how to introduce innovative ideas and practices in their organizations.

The Primers aim to fill gaps in existing literature on selected topics, and draw on interviews and consultations with party activists and experts who have employed the innovative means in question.


Publication date
19 June 2018
Number of pages
978-91-7671-176-7 (PDF)

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1. Introduction

2. What is the issue? The rationale of digital microtargeting

3. Perspectives on digital microtargeting

4. How does microtargeting work?

5. Issues to consider before using microtargeting

6. Conclusion



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Digital Microtargeting

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