This manual provides political party members and leaders with the means to implement concrete strategies for achieving equality for women within party organizations and to access positions of power and representation.

More than a year of research and fieldwork in 18 Latin American countries is condensed in this publication, which describe 95 good practices implemented by party organizations. It also analyses the progress and the challenges still facing women in politics, both in the region and in each of the countries studied.

The production of an English version was undertaken by UNDP and was made possible through the generous support of the United Nation’s Development Programmes Gender Team, in the Bureau for Development Policy. 


Publication date
28 September 2009
Beatriz Llanos, Kristen Sample
Number of pages





Research Methodology

Using the Handbook of Best Practices

Women and Politics in Numbers

Quotas and More: ‘Knots’ in Women’s Political Participation

Obstacles At Home: The Role of Political Parties in Women’s Underrepresentation

From Rhetoric to Best Practices

Learning from Best Practices


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From Words to Action: Best Practices for Women’s Participation in Latin American Political Parties

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