Support to The Consolidation of Democracy in Mozambique II

Brainstorming on electoral observation

Support to “Consolidation of Democracy in Mozambique II” is a contribution agreement signed between the European Union and International IDEA during the implementation of the delegation agreement contract.  This complementary programme also contributes to strengthen democratic consolidation by reinforcing the capacities of electoral stakeholders for the 2023-24 electoral cycle. 

The programme was built on previous EU achievements and lessons learnt in Mozambique related to electoral support. The programme is based on three pillars – (i) citizen observation of the 2023 voter registration process; (ii) support the EMB resilience capacity to plan for and manage such risks for the 2023-2024 elections and (iii) support innovative civic interventions to foster youth participation in public life and in electoral processes.

Key contacts

Miguel Orlando Mendes de Brito
Head of Programme, Mozambique
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