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Second BRIDGE workshop on media and elections for Libyan journalists

January 25, 2018 • By Emna Zghonda
Participants from the 2nd BRIDGE workshop for Libyan journalists in Tunis. Photo credit: Emna Zghonda

In its effort to promote media’s better understanding of the electoral cycle and building the relationship between the High National Election Commission of Libya (HNEC) and media outlets as axe of the electoral strategy and risk management, International IDEA in partnership with the HNEC and the support of the UN electoral assistance team launched the second round of the Building Resources in Democracy Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) workshop on media and elections that was held in Tunis for the period 23-26 December 2017.

Twenty three Media representatives from across Libya actively participated in the workshop that focused on the following thematic areas: The overview of electoral process was covered during the first day. The second day was dedicated to the mandate and strategy of the Libyan EMB on electoral risk management and  communication with media. The third day was a chance for the participants to discuss the role of media during electoral process and finally during the last day the participants had a practical session that enabled them to draft recommendations for a code of conduct to journalists as final output.

The workshop was a great opportunity for media and HNEC to exchange their points of view and visions about their respective roles and contributions during the upcoming elections and to discuss the lessons learned from the previous electoral process. The participants feedback was very positive expressing satisfaction as shown in the examples below:

- BRIDGE training participant -1- Media & Election module: “Thank you for allowing us to live four days inside one unified Libya”.

- BRIDGE training participant -2- Media & Election module: “When I go back to Libya, my mission will be to practice all what we have learned during this workshop”.

- BRIDGE training participant -3- Media & Election module: “The workshop allowed me to review and correct some previously received ideas about HNEC and elections”.

The workshop was facilitated by three trainers:

  • Emna Zghonda – International IDEA workshop facilitator from Tunisia,
  • Sabri F. Ali Senki - Workshop facilitator from Libya.
  • Anan Sorri - Electoral assistance team of the UN from Palestine.

The team was supported by Ms Alexandra Hovelacque from the UN electoral assistance team in Libya and Ghazi Mabrouk as Media expert. HNEC representatives presented the sessions related to the Libyan EMB.

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Senior Programme officer
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