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Protecting Elections in Ukraine: Capacity Development

May 07, 2024 • By Erik Asplund, Iuliia Shypilova
Ensuring the orderly conduct of the next, post-war elections in Ukraine, in a manner that ensures the confidence of all electoral stakeholders in the process and the results of the election, will be vital for sustaining the country’s democratic development and successful reconstruction. These post-war elections will present challenges of unprecedented nature and magnitude, in the physical and online space, to the election management body and other state authorities mandated to protect the integrity of elections.

From 10-12 April 2024, International IDEA hosted a “Protecting Elections in Ukraine: Capacity Development Workshop” in Stockholm, Sweden for 10 members of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine. The training was designed to strengthen participants' knowledge and understanding of risk management, resilience-building, and crisis management methods to protect electoral integrity, and skills to use these methods effectively. 

The curriculum used for this training is developed as part of the Protecting Elections project funded by Global Affairs Canada. It offers a range of activities that draw on various International IDEA knowledge resources, including tabletop exercises and audio-visual aids.

The workshop was organized by the International IDEA Europe team with the support of the Electoral Process team in Stockholm. Based on the positive feedback from the participants, the Europe team is now planning for a similar workshop for other CEC representatives, as well as a workshop on electoral risk identification targeting a broader range of electoral stakeholders.

This and consequent events are funded by the Government of Lichtenstein and the Government of Sweden. 

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Erik Asplund
Senior Programme Officer, Elections and Crisis
Iuliia Shypilova
Programme Manager
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