Former International IDEA Staff

Miguel Angel Lara Otaola

Former Head of the office for Mexico and Central America
Elections, election management, electoral justice, democratic accountability, political parties, money in politics


Miguel Ángel led International IDEA programmes in Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic. These include long-term programmes with the Electoral Tribunal of the Judiciary of the Federation of Mexico (TEPJF) and the Electoral Tribunal of Panama (TE) focused on electoral justice and integrity in electoral processes. His latest project consists of the development of a Global Index on Electoral Justice.

Before joining International IDEA in early 2018, Miguel Ángel held several management, research and field positions in organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in the Kingdom United, the National Electoral Institute of Mexico (INE) and the Electoral Integrity Project at the Universities of Sydney and Harvard. Miguel Ángel has participated as an election observer in missions in Asia, Australia, the European Union, and Latin America and has more than 30 publications on democracy, electoral integrity, corruption and governance in English, Spanish and German.


Latest publications:

Lara Otaola, M.A., Norris, P. (2019) ‘Las dos Venezuelas’ Voz y Voto - México, June

Lara Otaola, M.A. (2019) ‘A farewell to flags’ London School of Economics blog, June

Lara Otaola, M.A., Díaz Santana, H. (2018) ‘Compra de Votos: Compra de Voluntades?’ Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica, April-June, pp.103-111

Lara Otaola, M.A. (2017) ‘To include or not to include? Party representation in Electoral Institutions and Overall Confidence in Elections’, Party Politics, pp. 1-11

Jeffrey Karp; Alessandro Nai; Miguel Lara Otaola and Pippa Norris (2017) ‘Professional Electoral Management: Building Capacity’. The Electoral Integrity Project, University of Sydney.

PhD in Politics (University of Sussex), MSc in Comparative Politics (London School of Economics), MPA in Public Policy and BA International Relations (Tec de Monterrey)