The Global State of Democracy Indices: An overview

GSoD In Focus No. 1
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19 October 2018

In November 2017 International IDEA launched the first edition of a new biennial report, The Global State of Democracy.

The report provided evidence-based analysis and data on the global and regional state of democracy. It also contributed to the public debate on democracy, informed policy interventions and examined problem-solving approaches to the challenges facing democracies worldwide.

At the same time, International IDEA launched the Global State of Democracy Indices (GSoD Indices), which serve as the main evidence base for the report, and provide a new, comprehensive measurement of democracy. The GSoD Indices depict democratic trends across five main attributes of democracy, as well as a number of subattributes and subcomponents. 

This GSoD In Focus introduces the GSoD Indices, which now cover a total of 158 countries for the period 1975–2017. It describes the conceptual framework that underpins both the Indices and The Global State of Democracy, the coverage of the data set and the sources of the data, as well as data scores and scales, units of observation and aggregation.



1. The GSoD Indices: Conceptual framework

2. The five attributes of democracy in the GSoD Indices conceptual framework

3. The GSoD Indices: Regional and national coverage

4. The GSoD Indices: Data sources

5. The GSoD Indices: Additional methodological information


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