Electoral system design plays a crucial role in political settlement processes.

However, it is a world with which political actors in transitions—and even to some extent the constitutional community itself—often have limited familiarity.

This Discussion Paper is based on a presentation by the author at the fourth Edinburgh Dialogue on post-conflict constitution-building, held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, on 4–5 December 2017.

It argues that, while the timing, stages and sequencing of a constitutional transition might be thought to be relevant to electoral system choice, there does not currently appear to be any strong link between them.


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10 August 2018
Andrew Ellis
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1. Electoral system design: General observations

2. Electoral system design in the constitution-making setting

3. The question of trust

4. The devil is in the detail

5. Electoral system design and institutional framework design

6. The role of the diaspora

7. Electoral management in the constitutions of transition


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Electoral system design in the context of constitution-building

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