Supporting Team Europe Democracy & the Summit for Democracy Process

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The project “Supporting Team Europe Democracy – Strengthening democracy evidence and communication around the Summit for Democracy” (STED), funded by the EU, aims to contribute to more effective evidence-based, coordinated and inclusive support for democracy with an overall goal to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 16.

In the face of challenges to democracy globally, the US Government initiated the Summit for Democracy process in 2021. The goal of the Summit process is to bring together leaders from government, civil society and private sector to form a global agenda for democratic renewal. Through its work, STED fosters and facilitates civil society and multi-stakeholder engagement in the Summit process with pro-democracy organizations in Europe and across the world. The project also provides research and analysis on democratic support best practices and policies as inputs to the Team Europe Democracy (TED) initiative by the European Commission and EU Member States.

The STED team maintains the Summit for Democracy News and Resources Portal. The Portal includes a dashboard of the verbal and written commitments and the implementation progress made by the participating countries in the first and second Summits. It now also provides an easy overview of all the 16 democracy cohorts and their work.  




Key contacts

Julia Keutgen
Programme Manager, Supporting Team Europe Democracy
Lisa-Marie Dalke
Assistant, Supporting Team Europe Democracy
Thomas Heinmaa
Research Assistant
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