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Global Democracy Coalition Forum 2023

28 February 2023 - 01 March 2023
Online, Washington, DC and Brussels, Belgium

The Global Democracy Coalition, a multi-stakeholder coalition of more than 100 democracy organizations from across the world, is convening a Forum on 28 February & 1 March 2023 in preparation for the second Summit for Democracy, co-hosted by the United States, South Korea, Zambia, the Netherlands and Costa Rica on 29 & 30 March. The aim is to provide a space for inclusive dialogue to collectively prepare inputs to inform the Summit discussions, but also to generate collective ideas for a post-Summit process. Specifically, the Forum is expected to: 

  • Provide a space to discuss progress on S4D commitment implementation 
  • Provide a space to take stock of the cohort process and share progress to date
  • Take collective stock of the state of democracy since the first Summit for Democracy
  • Provide a space for GDC partners to make their own commitments to democracy (GDC pledge)
  • Generate recommendations for the post Summit process

With a two-day agenda in place, in both Washington D.C and Brussels, and participants from across the world, the Forum is expected to foster collaboration and joint reflections of relevance to the Summit for Democracy, amongst the community of democracy organizations from civil society, the multilateral arena and academia that make up the Coalition.

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