Supporting Mali’s Transition to Peace and Democracy

Consolidation of  democratic dispensation in The Gambia (CODE)

“Supporting Mali's Transition to Peace and Democracy" is a SIDA-funded project contributing to Sweden’s development cooperation strategy for Mali 2021–2025, specifically on promotion of inclusive constitutional and electoral reform processes to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts peacefully. It is envisaged that these reforms in the long term will contribute to strengthening the respect for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law in Mali.

The project targeted constitutional makers, electoral policy makers, civil society, and political parties. It aimed to contribute to a consensus-based framework on the transitional reforms in Mali, informed by international knowledge and experiences on constitutional and electoral reforms. Consequently, it would achieve four outcomes: 

  1. Constitution makers (including the Constitutional Court) apply increased knowledge and skills to make more informed choices regarding constitutional design and process.
  2. Civil society (including women’s groups) holds policy makers accountable, inform the public on constitution-building and electoral processes, and promote public participation in the process.
  3. Electoral policymakers design practices which foster inclusivity and accountability in electoral processes. 
  4. Civil society (including women’s groups) engage and collaborate in national process on electoral reforms in an informed and effective way.


Key contacts

Maurice Mboula Jean-Claude Didier Enguelegue
Senior Programme Officer, Africa and West Asia
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