The Coherence Programme in Nepal

Coherence Programme

Coherence is a joint programme co-created in 2017 between the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA, then MoFALD), the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the United Kingdom (FCDO, then DFID) and International IDEA with the aim of promoting political coherence in local governments through deliberative decision-making process. The Phase 1 (2017-2019) provided an opportunity to test the programme's principles and the Phase 2 (2020-2024) was built upon the success and learnings from the earlier phase. 

During this period, the Programme extended mentoring (helping hands) support to a number of selected local governments through a team of young mentors to help elected representatives better understand and discharge their roles and responsibilities and generated learning for integration into the PLGSP1 institutions, particularly the PCGGs2. 

The Programme further attempted to support federalization process by simplifying implications of Constitution and key laws into easily accessible resource materials on local governance. The programme will continue to generate learning from local governments and integrate into the practices of the PCGG and PLGSP towards the goal of contributing to attain a functional, sustainable, inclusive and accountable provincial and local governance.


Key contacts

Phanindra Adhikary
Head of Programme, Nepal
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