African Union Conflict and Governance Programme

International IDEA AUC

International IDEA Africa and West Asia Programme has signed memorandum of understanding with the African Union Commission (AUC) to support peace and good governance in Africa. It was signed on 20 February 2023 by H.E. Ambassador Bankole Adeoy, African Union Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace, and Security and International IDEA Regional Director for Africa and West Asia, Roba Sharamo. 

The African Union Conflict and Governance Programme aims to reduce the risk of conflict escalation in countries at risk of political violence in Africa. This objective is in line with the third and seventh priorities of the new African Union Commission to silence the guns in Africa and work against disrespect of constitutionalism, rule of law and exclusion. 

The programme works with the AU Commission Directorate of Governance and Conflict Prevention, Directorate of Conflict Management in the Department of Political Affairs, Peace, and security, and the Early Warning and Governance Monitoring Desks of the Directorate of Conflict Management. The programme extends to policy makers and builds ties with civil society organizations at regional and country levels. The programme also uses International IDEA's  well -stablished relationship to work with selected regional economic communities and mechanisms to advance its goals. 


Key contacts

Roba Sharamo
Director for Africa and West Asia
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