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The President of Guatemala receives the Secretary-General of International IDEA

Kevin Casas-Zamora, Secretary-General of International IDEA and Bernardo Arévalo, President of Guatemala
During his visit to President Bernardo Arévalo, Kevin Casas-Zamora presented the work of International IDEA in Latin America and the Caribbean. They exchanged perspectives on the challenges of democracy in the region and, particularly, in Guatemala, identifying synergies for strengthening democratic institutions, and agreeing on the relevance of Electoral reform.

The Secretary General of International IDEA was accompanied by the Regional Director for Latin America, Marcela Ríos, and the Partnerships Officer in the Secretary General's office, Luis Consuegra.
The day after this visit, carried out on Tuesday the 28th, Kevin Casas-Zamora also met with Representative Karina Paz Rosales, First Secretary of the Board of Directors of Congress, presenting IDEA's experiences in favour of strengthening legislative bodies in Latin America.

Previously, as the first activity of his mission in Guatemala, he participated in a meeting of IDEA´s Member States with representation in that country, kindly convened by the Embassy of Spain and welcomed by Cristina Aldama, general coordinator of the Spanish Agency for Development Cooperation (AECID). Attended the Ambassadors of Germany, Wolfgang Schwarz, participated; Costa Rica, Erick Ulate Quezada; Chile, Luis Felipe Artal; Panama, Gilberto Córdova Murillo; Sweden, Hans Magnusson; and Uruguay, Jaime Pache Soto; and for the Dominican Republic, First Secretary Yocasta Martinez; and for Peru, Vidal Eduardo Choroco, Councilor; and for Switzerland, Adriana Bucardo, collaborator.

In addition, Kevin Casas-Zamora interviewed Eduardo Núñez, NDI Director for Guatemala, and Jennifer Graetz, Acting Director of USAID Guatemala, both important International IDEA partners in different worldwide.

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Alicia Del Aguila
Programme Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean
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