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International IDEA supports a regional campaign on women political participation: 'Her Participation, our future' #مشاركتها_مستقبلنا

Image credit: International IDEA

International IDEA has made women's participation one of its main axes in improving the inclusiveness of electoral processes in the Arab region.

To combat inequitable attitudes towards women in the effective exercise of their civic and political rights, International IDEA has supported the Arab network for women in elections in the design[1] , the launch of a regional campaign to promote women's participation. The first workshop was held in hybrid face-to-face and virtual mode in Istanbul, August 2021.

This workshop brought together EMBs representatives, experts, journalists, regional organizations and civil society organizations to discuss an action plan and design of a regional campaign for the participation of women. In October 2021, International IDEA brought together 20 participants, in a second workshop, where the working group finalized the campaign launch plan: Videos, logos, visual tools, testimonials and key messages were presented and discussed.


Image credit: Arab Women Network

Ms Khameyel Finnichie. Image credit: Arab Women Network













On 21 December 2021, International IDEA launched the campaign in Amman, 12 Arab EMBs took part, CSOs, and regional organizations. New means of sensitization have been adopted to combat discriminatory attitudes towards women in the Arab region: family voting, violence and limitation of the right to candidacy. To this end, a play, a traditional dance, testimonies of Arab women were broadcast at the Media Center of the Independent Election Commission, Jordan.


Image credit: Arab Women Network

Ms Emna Zghonda. Image credit: Arab Women Network













This was accompanied by TV shows. This campaign will last one year and will be duplicated at the national level, especially during the electoral processes of the Member Countries of the Network: Jordan, , Libya, Palestine[2] and Tunisia.

The regional campaign will last one year and will be implemented at the national level.

[1] In partnership with the Arab EMBs Organization, the electoral project of UNDP.
[2] Palestine has launched the campaign at the regional level on 25 November 2021 with the support of International IDEA.

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