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Civil Society Organizations engage in awareness-raising campaigns to promote peace

August 29, 2023 • By Denis Djikini Kemndah
Group photo of Civil Society Organizations members in Adré, Chad.

As part of the local awareness-raising campaign by Civil Society Organizations promoting peace, national reconciliation and social cohesion in Adré in the province of Ouaddaï, the Association les Bâtisseurs de la Paix, with the support of IDEA International in Chad, has mobilised around sixty actors from civil society, religious leaders, traditional chiefs, young people, women and refugees.

Officially launched on 29 August by the Secretary General of the Department of Assoungha, representing the Prefect, he welcomed the IDEA International-supported initiative to prevent, manage and transform conflicts. In their addresses, the participants called for an increase of these awareness-raising activities to be disseminated at a cantonal level to strengthen the voices of peace further.

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