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Board of Advisers elects Isabel Aninat as the new Vice Chair

February 09, 2024
Isabel Aninat, Dean of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez Law School in Santiago, Chile and the Vice Chair of International IDEA's Board of Advisers

International IDEA's Board of Advisers had its first meeting of the year on 8 February 2024. During the session, the Board considered its agenda for the year, engaging in comprehensive discussions on possible programmatic and governance priorities. The Board also decided on its leadership for the coming years. 

Following the discussions, the Board elected Isabel Aninat, a member of the Board since 2022, as its new Vice Chair. Aninat is a trained lawyer from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and the Dean of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez Law School. Prior to assuming her current position, she was a researcher at the think tank Centro de Estudios Públicos, focusing on topics such as electoral reform, state modernization, decentralization, indigenous peoples and immigration. Aninat was also part of the technical commission overseeing the constitutional reform initiatives in Chile. As Vice Chair, she will play a key role in leading the work of the Board and facilitating its interactions with the Member States and Secretariat.  

Moreover, the Board affirmed its confidence in the leadership of Christian Leffler and re-elected him as the Chair of the Board of Advisers. Since assuming the role in 2022, Leffler has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to the work of the Board and the Institute as a whole. 

International IDEA offers its warmest congratulations to both Isabel Aninat and Christian Leffler on the recent appointments and extends its heartfelt appreciation to the outgoing Vice Chair, Laura Chinchilla, who has provided the Board with extraordinary leadership since taking on the role of Vice Chair in 2021. Chinchilla will continue to serve as a member of the Board and support the Institute in meeting its goals in that capacity.

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