Angela Merkel’s principled approach to migration is good for democracy

Angela Merkel walking

Angela Merkel

Image: EU2017EE Estonian Presidency

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Angela Merkel secured a fourth term as Chancellor when her Christian Democrats won 32.9% of the vote in the national election on September 24th. The result was influenced by her principled approach to migration, which had polarized the country, but did not stop her from being re-elected. In addition, new data shows that her migration policies are good for Germany’s democracy, argue Nathalie Ebead and Adina Trunk.

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About the Author

FORMER Head of Democracy Assessment, Analysis and Advisory (DAAA)
Nathalie Ebead

Nathalie Ebead managed and provided strategic direction to the Democracy Assessment, Analysis and Advisory (DAAA) Unit. Ebead worked to build International IDEA’s capacity to strengthen democratic institutions and processes through analysis, assessment, and advice on democratic trends and issues. This involved mainstreaming gender, diversity, and conflict and security into International IDEA’s programmatic activities.

About the Author

Special Adviser to the Secretary-General
Adina Trunk

Adina Trunk’s advises the Secretary-General on matters relating to the research of International IDEA, political trends around the world, relations with external stakeholders, internal and external events and speeches, and the strategic directions of the organization.