Adina Trunk

Special Adviser to the Secretary-General
Global State of Democracy, political parties, gender & women’s political empowerment,democratization processes, democratic backsliding


Adina Trunk’s advises the Secretary-General on matters relating to the research of International IDEA, political trends around the world, relations with external stakeholders, internal and external events and speeches, and the strategic directions of the organization.

Prior to working as a Special Adviser, Trunk was a Programme Officer working on democracy analysis and assessment within the Democracy Assessment and Political Analysis Unit. She was part of the core team leading the development of the first edition of The State of Global Democracy publication at International IDEA.

Trunk’s previous work experience includes working with democracy development and political parties as a programme director at the Swedish political party foundation KIC Sweden. Prior to this, Trunk worked as a gender and policy adviser to Members of the Swedish Parliament, as a strategic adviser for political leaders in Eastern Europe and as a programme manager for global development projects at the Swedish Postcode Foundation. She also has experience from working as a bilateral market adviser at the French Embassy and the European Parliament.



MA in European Science, Bachelor degree in International Business Administration (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) and an Honor Diploma “French Language and Civilization” (University of Sorbonne, France)
Contact Information: 
Stockholm, Sweden