The Coherence Programme in Nepal

The Coherence Programme in Nepal

The Coherence Programme (Phase 2) supports the Provincial and Local Governance Support Programme (PLGSP)--a national framework programme for the capacity building of provincial and local governments. In doing so, it works at four inter-linked and inter-dependent areas at different levels and with different entry points that complement each other and intersect with information/knowledge and lessons. 

The lessons involve:

  • Understanding the ongoing federalization process
  • Translating 'the givens' into accessible resource materials
  • Mentoring support to LGs in promoting democratic local governance

This second phase of the partnership between MoFAGA, (UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (UKFCDO) and International IDEA, was in operation from 2020 to 2022. It builds upon the earlier phase of the Programme implemented during 2017 to 2019. During this period, the Programme extended mentoring (helping hands) support to a selected local governments through a team of young mentors to help elected representatives better understand and discharge their roles and responsibilities.

Further, it also attempted to support Nepal's federalization process by interpreting and assessing the wider implications of Constitution and other key laws relating to federalization and simplifying these into easily accessible resource materials on local governance. The mentoring support was piloted in different phases to six Local Governments (LGs) of Karnali Province {Adanchuli Gaunpalika (GP), Chankheli GP, Tajakot GP of Humla district, Sanibheri GP and Chaurjahari Nagarpalika (NP) of West Rukum district and Kumakh GP of Salyan district). Later, during 2020, the pilot support was also extended to Jugal GP of Bagmati Province and Aurahi GP of Province 2 in partnership with Kathmandu University School of Arts (KUSoA). 

Emerging from the new political context, and learnings from the mentoring pilot in various palikas, the Coherence Programme aims to build common understanding of democratic local governance through political deliberation, its concepts and practices among national and sub-national stakeholders. 

Read the Programme Brief for more details on Coherence Programme (Phase 2).

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    Coherence Programme Mentor supporting the female Executive members of Adanchuli GP, Hum/a in preparing a draft strategic vision in 2019.

    Local governance group in Nepal works with Coherence Programme Mentor to plan for community needs and administrative proceses in 2019.