Side Event

How to restore trust in elections – Credibility and capacity at the front lines

22 October 2019
International IDEA
103 34 Stockhollm

Trust is crucial for the legitimacy of elections and, therefore, for democracy. Join us for an evening event on "How to restore trust in elections".

When voters make decisions on whether an electoral process is trustworthy, they rely on their own experiences and what they hear from others. Because news travel fast through social media, one mistake at a polling station, rumors or fake news can have a detrimental but also disproportionate impact on the overall perception of the quality of an election.  

For election management bodies, establishing trust in elections starts by ensuring the quality of polling station services. This is an enormous challenge, as they often rely on a massive group of inexperienced temporary staff deployed across the country. This makes recruitment, polling procedures, manuals and training exceptionally important for ensuring that polling day goes smoothly.  

Join us for an after-work discussion and network with international experts who are at the forefront of designing effective training programmes will discuss these challenges and share cutting-edge best practices related to capacity building and delivery in election administration.  

This event will be of particular interest to election trainers, election observers, and those who design institutional strengthening programmes in the public sector. Directly following the presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to network and speak one-on-one with some of the thought leaders and practitioners on this topic from international organizations and leading electoral management bodies. 


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