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Expert Workshop on “Marginalized Groups in Electoral Processes: Challenges and Strategies for Inclusion”

Stockholm, Sweden

International IDEA is hosting a two-day expert workshop on “Marginalized Groups in Electoral Processes: Challenges and Strategies for Inclusion”, on 22-23 November 2016. The workshop will be held at International IDEA’s Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and will bring together internal and external experts in the areas of electoral processes and political inclusion.

A key objective of the workshop is to discuss the challenges faced by different marginalized groups in their participation in electoral processes. The workshop sessions will cover various aspects of the electoral process, including the legal framework, voter registration procedures, voting operations and voter education. Another key objective of the workshop is to share the lessons learnt from different organizations and regions, and to identify good practices that can be implemented by EMBs at various stages of the electoral cycle in order to increase participation of marginalized groups in elections.

International IDEA has identified the support to inclusive democratic institutions and processes as an important strategic objective, recognizing that full and equal participation and representation of marginalized groups in elections are essential for achieving sustainable democracy. With the term “marginalized” all politically disempowered groups are considered, such as ethnic, linguistic or religious minorities, indigenous peoples, youth, women, people with disabilities, LGBTI groups, and displaced people. In many contexts, such groups experience discrimination and may face specific challenges that inhibit them from participating fully in electoral processes. This expert workshop will ultimately seek to formulate recommendations on how these challenges can be addressed.

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