2020 Copenhagen Democracy Summit

Image credit: Alliance of Democracies

Image credit: Alliance of Democracies

The Copenhagen Democracy Summit is dedicated to strengthening the resolve of the world’s democracies by providing a high-level strategic forum exclusively focused on the cause of democracy. The chief hallmark of the Summit is a dedication to vigorous debate and viewpoint diversity based on the belief that good ideas are born when strongly held views are allowed to clash⁠—especially among participants who share a broad commitment to democracy and open debate.

The Alliance of Democracies Foundation recognizes the positive symbiosis between democracy and business and believes that democratically elected leaders and global business executives will benefit from a greater level of personal interaction. Allowing the participants to build strong personal relationships is a vital element of the Summit and of realizing the long-term goal of a stronger alliance of the world’s democracies.

The Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2020 will take place virtually on 18-19 June 2020. The summit will still gather guests from around the world to discuss the state of democracy. Guests include leaders and thinkers from business and politics, civil society, media, academics and students. General topics this year will focus on US global leadership and 2020 elections, democracy and tech, responsible business, and defending democracy during pandemic times.

Kevin Casas-Zamora, Secretary-General of International IDEA is one of the speakers during this Summit during the session titled "United in Democracy we Stand", at 14:35 - 15:30 (CET), on 18 June 2020.   

To find more information on the Summit HERE.