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Secretary General
Secretary General Heading
Secretary General Text
International IDEA has a Secretariat headed by a Secretary-General who is responsible to the Council of Member States. Our Secretary-General provides strategic leadership for the Institute, reports on the overall implementation of activities, represents the organization externally, and develops strong relations with Member States and other constituencies. The Secretary-General appoints staff to carry out the programmes of the organization.
Contact office name
International IDEA Headquarters
Contact office address

Strömsborgsbron 1
SE-103 34 Stockholm

Contact office phone
+ 46 8 698 3700
Contact office fax
+ 46 8 20 24 22
Map Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Maps presented do not imply on the part of the Institute any judgement on the legal status of any territory or the endorsement of such boundaries, nor does the placement or size of any country or territory reflect the political view of International IDEA. Maps are used in order to add visual clarity to data.

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