The Role of Parliaments in the National Reconciliation Process in Africa

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1 May 2007
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Reconciliation is highly complex process that involves many different issues, stages and actors.

There is no ‘one-size-fits’ all success model, nor a quick-fix solution. It is also a time-consuming process, which, as several seminar participants and the seminar noted, affects the lives of several generations. A long-term approach to promoting reconciliation is thus essential.

In November 2005, International IDEA, the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Parliament of Burundi organized a seminar held in Bujumbura on the role of parliamentarians in national reconciliation processes in Africa.

The seminar sparked a lively dialogue between African parliamentarians on the topic, and fostered a better understanding of the role of parliaments in seeing through a reconciliation process and identifying priorities and pitfalls along the way.



Programme of the seminar

Summary and recommendations presented by the Rapporteur of the seminar

Inaugural session

Thematic sessions

1. The need to address the scars of the past Parliament in the aftermath of conflict

2. Women and gender in post-conflict situations

3. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions

4. Trials

5. Justice versus amnesty

6. Reparations

7. Institutional reforms

8. International initiatives in support of reconciliation

Concluding session

List of participants

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