International IDEA began to address the relationship between democracy and diversity management at a round-table event held in Oslo in June 2007 in tandem with the annual meeting of its Council of Member States.

By way of follow-up, it was proposed that International IDEA begin to explore further the issues in focus, and to identify what its specific contribution might be in this area. The Institute organized a round table on 26–27 November 2008 in Pretoria, South Africa, and this report summarizes the proceedings. 


Publication date
01 March 2008
Number of pages


Executive Summary

Opening Remarks
Margot Gould and Mark Salter

Session 1: Setting the Scene

Managing Diversity within a Democratic Framework: Historical Overview and Introduction
John Eade

Managing Diversity within a Democratic Framework: Perspectives from Asia and the Global South
Rajeev Bhargava

Session 2: Managing Diversity within a Democratic Framework: Regional Perspectives

Southern Africa
Ozias Tungwarara 

Latin America
Carlos Camacho Nassar 

Session 3: Managing Diversity within a Democratic Framework: Thematic Perspectives

Afeikhena Jerome 

Amitbabha Pande

Hans-Petter Bow

Summary and Conclusions
Mark Salter

Session 4: Country Perspectives

South Africa
Somadoda Fikeni 

Carolina Floru 

Session 5: Democracy and Diversity: Defining the Programme

Working Group Reports 

Final Commentaries from Participants 

Concluding Remarks
Mark Salter


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Democracy and Diversity: Expert Consultation Report

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