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RoLAC hosts inaugural state committee meeting in Plateau State

May 21, 2024 • By Murkthar Suleiman
Participants of the inaugural State Project Steering Group (SPSG) meeting in Plateau State, Nigeria.

The Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC) Programme, implemented by International IDEA and funded by the European Union, recently hosted its inaugural State Project Steering Group (SPSG) meeting in Plateau State, in the north-central region of Nigeria. The SPSG serves as a standing committee and is responsible for overseeing the state RoLAC Programme, including approving its work plans and progress reports, among others. This marked the official launch of the programme’s activity in the state. This significant event underscores the commitment of the European Union and International IDEA to enhancing governance and accountability within the region.

The  meeting was chaired by the attorney general of Plateau State and saw the attendance of key state actors, including the chief judge of Plateau State, the state commissioner for women's affairs, representatives from civil society organizations (CSOs), and other influential stakeholders.

A pivotal moment during the meeting was the adoption of the terms of reference for the SPSG. The terms of reference meticulously outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various members, facilitating seamless coordination and effective implementation of the RoLAC programme’s objectives. Component managers presented a comprehensive draft work plan detailing the strategic initiatives scheduled for the next six months. These initiatives, with their potential to reinforce the efficiency of the judiciary, promote gender equality, ensure accountability and transparency, and enhance civil society engagement in anti-corruption efforts, are set to make a significant impact. The proposed activities received constructive feedback and, importantly, collective endorsement from the SPSG members, setting a strong foundation for collaboration.

With the SPSG’s formal adoption of the  terms of reference and the endorsement of the draft work plan, the RoLAC programme is poised to make significant strides in Plateau State. The next six months will witness concerted efforts to implement the outlined strategies, driving forward the mission to enhance the rule of law and combat corruption. International IDEA, a committed partner, remains steadfast in supporting Plateau State in these endeavours, fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and justice. 

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