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The election observers in Myanmar: An animated cartoon 

October 26, 2015

For the upcoming General Elections, the Union Election Commission has invited international as well as domestic organisations to observe the electoral process. The UEC has now released a cartoon aimed at informing voters about the observers’ Code of Conduct, rights and responsibilities, and to prepare voters to meet observers at polling stations on election day.

Non-partisan election observation helps to raise public confidence and promote the integrity of elections. In Myanmar, this is a particularly significant trust-building measure as it will be the first time elections will be officially observed.

On election day, the observers will be able to access the polling stations from the opening time at 6, until the counting of votes and tabulation of results, after 16.

Discover with us this short animated cartoon video featuring the rights and responsibilities of the observers!

This animation is part of a series of voter education cartoons that the Union Election Commission produced with support of International IDEA in Myanmar, as part of the STEP Democracy Project, funded by the European Union.

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