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BRIDGE Workshop on Civic Education & Voter Information in Lesotho 

December 07, 2015

Starting today, staff of the Independent Electoral Commission of Lesotho (IEC) will meet up in Maseru for a five-day BRIDGE workshop on civic education and voter information. The workshop takes place in the context of and forms a platform for discussing the IEC’s increased engagement in this regard.

The training will cater for both HQ and district office staff, including voter education officers but also staff from human resource management department, the training department, public relations and logistics. Following the snap elections organized in February, 2015, the training aims to benefit from the post-election phase where the IEC has time and availability to plan for long-term engagement to advance citizen understanding of the role of elections in the democratic process and inform them on how elections are organized in the country.

The workshop is organized by International IDEA in collaboration with the AU Department of Political Affairs in the context of the AU-IDEA Joint Activity Plan (JAP) and financed by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).


Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections – remains the world’s foremost training curriculum on electoral processes. BRIDGE training courses use an activity-based approach that maximizes retention of knowledge and skills learned. In addition, the courses are designed to promote or reinforce professional confidence, ethics, understanding of principles of best electoral practice, and access to networks of peers.

BRIDGE is a partnership gathering five leading organizations working in the elections field, namely International IDEA, UNDP, the United Nations Electoral Assistance Division, IFES and the Australian Electoral Commission.

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