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Publication Drafting Workshop on Certification of ICTs in Elections 


Globally certification practice varies greatly between Electoral Management Bodies, with some countries not utilizing certification at all and others already having very comprehensive schemes in place.

Certification of critical electoral technologies, such as electronic voting or tabulation systems, is important for quality assurance, avoiding failures, and ascertaining that such systems fulfil all requirements. At the same time certification can also be an important confidence building measure that makes ICTs in elections more transparent and trustworthy for all electoral stakeholders.

Between October 12 and 16 International IDEA convenes a workshop at Rosersbergs Slottshotell near Stockholm where invited experts will discuss different experiences, approaches and emerging best practices in this field. During this week, workshop participants will jointly draft a Guide on the Certification of ICTs in Elections that is expected to be released in mid-November.

Confirmed participants of this event include Professor Jordi Barrat, Universitat Rovira i Virgili; Ms Eden Bolo, Commission on Elections, Philippines; Mr Alejandro Bravo, Organization of American States; Professor Robert Krimmer, Tallinn University of Technology; Stephan Neumann Technical University of Darmstadt; Commissioner Al Acong Parreno, Commission on Elections, Philippines; Professor Carsten Schürmann, IT University of Copenhagen; and Professor Melanie Volkamer, Technical University of Darmstadt.